For the last two years, SOMETHING COLLECTIVE have been artists-in-residence in the Sunset Community. Over this time, we have collected artistic data from the residents of the neighbourhood through dance, puppets, music photography, and even moss graffiti!

Here we can finally share with you all that our generous neighbours shared with us.

This project was funded by the City of Vancouver's Artists in Communities fund and created as part of SC's 2-Year Vancouver Parks and Recreation Field House Residency at MACC Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.


to see what we've discovered...

Thanks to the Chaos Boys Club at Sunset Community Centre, South Hill Education Centre, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, Sunset Community Centre, South Vancouver Youth Centre, Moberly Elementary, the South Asian Senior Women at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, Cyndy Chwelos, Lorrie Wager, and all the members of the community who took part in this project!