Michael Cox teaching a New Public Art Course

Langara College Continuing Studies will run a new course this September on Public Art.

“This eight-week course is open to anyone with an interest in the commission and creation of public art. The course will cover the history, development, and placement of public art (including performance art) in public spaces. No artistic experience is required. You will work in teams to create proposals for a public art installation. More information: CS Public Art VSAR1109.”

The instructor is Michael Cox, a good friend of mine who also took Judith Marcuse’s course on Art and Social Change at SFU – the same class where Something Collective was born!


Video from the Vancouver Biennale!

Finally completed the amazing video installation with Windermere, Nootka and the Vancouver Biennale’s Big Ideas project. This video explains how we mixed old media (Polaroids, Betamax, 35mm film, typewriters) with high schoolers from Windermere, elementary students from Nootka, and made a video installation at Kits Beach around the Echoes sculpture by Michel Goulet.

Thanks to Katherine Tong and Terry Howe at the Biennale, Laura Treloar and Damian William at Windermere, Hank Ferris at Nootka, Carmen Rosen and the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Centre for all the support!

Nootka/Windermere from Vancouver Biennale on Vimeo.

Big Ideas in Transitions

Vancouver Biennale exhibit on Kits Beach

IMG_2293TUESDAY, MAY 28 from NOON to 4pm

Flick has been facilitating a video installation art project with Nootka Elementary and Windermere High School, which will culminate in an exhibition on Tuesday, May 28th at the Echoes installation on Kits Beach: here’s a map.   Flick will be back at it with his fixation on old TV’s!

Come see the portraits which Windermere students shot at Renfrew-Collingwood Senior’s Centre with the help of community artist Carmen Rosen.

This project is a part of the Vancouver Biennale Big Ideas Art in Action Education Program.

These pictures show the process leading up to our installation!

SANKASET – Public Engagement and the Arts | Kristina Lemieux

Watch my public chat with Tara Cheyenne-Friedenberg and Kristina Lemieux at Rhizome Cafe about public engagement in the arts. #artsandpublic

SANKASET is a series of dialogues on arts organizations, audience engagement & citizenship. The series kicked off with a dialogue about the Canada Council for the Arts‘ recent publication Public Engagement in the Arts, between Sankaset creator Kristina Lemieux and two arts leaders: Continue reading

CULTURE + COMMUNITY: Visioning Social Practice

(Got this by way of the Roundhouse Community Centre and Marie Lopes)

You are invited to:

Visioning Social Practice

Friday, November 30th, 2012
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Emily Carr University of Art + Design
1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC

This day aims to build an understanding of the current state of community engaged arts practice in Vancouver and to identify strategic directions for continued success into the future. It is presented by partners in community and culture: Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Faculty of Culture + Community and Continuing Studies), the City of Vancouver (Cultural Services and Park Board) and the Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

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Public Engagement in the Arts | Canada Council Blog

Le Continental XL, choreography by Sylvain Émard, a Sylvain Émard Danse and Festival TransAmériques co-production, co-presented by Quartier des spectacles. 200 amateur dancers took part in this line dancing extravaganza. Photo: Robert Etcheverry 2011.

Got this from the Canada Council today:

“The Canada Council is launching a dialogue about how the arts bring value to the lives of Canadians and we invite you to join the conversation.

Read the discussion paper, Public Engagement in the Arts, on current thinking and practices in public engagement or check out Simon Brault’s blog post on ways Canadians can have rich artistic experiences. Then share your thoughts on how to become actively engaged in the arts. Tell us what public engagement in the arts means to you by posting comments on the blog, on our Facebook page or on Twitter at hashtag #artsandpublic.

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Captain Creative Saves the Day!

This spring, Something Collective produced their first interactive theatre show for young audiences. Here’s a short preview!

Captain Creative Saves the Day is an arts advocacy performance that encourages kids not only to appreciate the value of art in community, but to take part and make art themselves! Look how much fun they had!

The show is about 45 minutes including a performance that leads to audience participation and a discussion / Q & A.

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Canada Day at Sunset Community Centre

For the second year in a row, Something Collective set up shop at the Canada Day Celebrations at Sunset Community Centre.

This was part of our ongoing project “We Are Here,” a community mapping art experiment in which we try to see the neighbourhood visually through dance, music, video, puppets and more.

Eventually we’ll have an online, interactive map that combines all these elements into one space.

See more about this mapping project

Storytelling Festival in Mount Pleasant

I checked out the Vancouver Storytelling Festival yesterday in my neighbourhood.  I joined up with the Elemental Bike Tour just as they reached Robson Park, where Wendy Charbonneau told stories, drummed, and got us dancing.  There was yarnbombing, some awesome food (as you can see), some chat about daylighting the river that used to run along St George, Naomi Steinberg told another fun story that involved a lot of splishing and splashing… Naomi and Wendy unveiled a new cob bench, and then Sara Ross led the bike tour away towards Moberly.



SC presents Vancouver Isadora software and interactive arts workshop – June 15,16, 17 & June 22,23

[Something Collective is proud to host this excellent Isadora workshop. Ever since I took the course myself, I’ve been blowing minds and bringing home the bacon with this amazing interactive projection software. I highly recommend Jamie as an instructor. – Flick]

Here are the upcoming dates for Vancouver’s next Isadora Software and Interactive Arts workshop, to be held at the Something Collective Studio, South Hill, Vancouver which is part of the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and Sunset Community Centre.

One Day Introductory Workshop $60 June 15
2 Day Weekend Workshop Level I $175 June 16-17
1.5 Day Weekend Workshop Level II $150  June 22-23

Participants registering for all three workshops receive the discounted rate $325 total.

Limited space available. Contact jamie to register or for more info.  If you wish to skip the Intro class you will need to demonstrate your level of experience with the software.  Level 2 participants must have previously completed Level One with jamie.

You will learn how to use entry-level graphical programming software for interactive, live control of video, sound and lights, without needing to learn complex text-based programming languages.

The workshop provides a fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Whether you are a visual artist creating museum installations, VJs, dj, singer, musician, lighting designer, performance artist, choreographer or film-maker, the workshop frees you up from perceived programming limitations and gives you the skills you need to start experimenting with interactive live performance designs using Isadora software to harness the power of simple tools for design and control of your new media and interdisciplinary ideas.

Please note that I will be based full-time in Europe from August 2012 onward so this is the last workshop series I will be offering in Vancouver until my next visit back to Vancouver in January 2013.

thank you