Captain Creative Saves the Day!

This spring, Something Collective produced their first interactive theatre show for young audiences. Here’s a short preview!

Captain Creative Saves the Day is an arts advocacy performance that encourages kids not only to appreciate the value of art in community, but to take part and make art themselves! Look how much fun they had!

The show is about 45 minutes including a performance that leads to audience participation and a discussion / Q & A.

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SC presents Vancouver Isadora software and interactive arts workshop – June 15,16, 17 & June 22,23

[Something Collective is proud to host this excellent Isadora workshop. Ever since I took the course myself, I’ve been blowing minds and bringing home the bacon with this amazing interactive projection software. I highly recommend Jamie as an instructor. – Flick]

Here are the upcoming dates for Vancouver’s next Isadora Software and Interactive Arts workshop, to be held at the Something Collective Studio, South Hill, Vancouver which is part of the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and Sunset Community Centre.

One Day Introductory Workshop $60 June 15
2 Day Weekend Workshop Level I $175 June 16-17
1.5 Day Weekend Workshop Level II $150  June 22-23

Participants registering for all three workshops receive the discounted rate $325 total.

Limited space available. Contact jamie to register or for more info.  If you wish to skip the Intro class you will need to demonstrate your level of experience with the software.  Level 2 participants must have previously completed Level One with jamie.

You will learn how to use entry-level graphical programming software for interactive, live control of video, sound and lights, without needing to learn complex text-based programming languages.

The workshop provides a fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Whether you are a visual artist creating museum installations, VJs, dj, singer, musician, lighting designer, performance artist, choreographer or film-maker, the workshop frees you up from perceived programming limitations and gives you the skills you need to start experimenting with interactive live performance designs using Isadora software to harness the power of simple tools for design and control of your new media and interdisciplinary ideas.

Please note that I will be based full-time in Europe from August 2012 onward so this is the last workshop series I will be offering in Vancouver until my next visit back to Vancouver in January 2013.

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Map Hatter’s Visioning Party!

Tonight, Something Collective led the Sunset Community Centre Board of Directors in a fun creative exercise to help them get started on their visioning process.  The game, which we call “The Map Hatter’s Visioning Party,” got them thinking about the neighbourhood and its future.

The exercise also launches our Community Mapping project in the Sunset area.  More news will follow, but we plan to recruit in the neighbourhood for a fun creative project with dance, video, music, puppets and more, with stuff targeting every age group.

See the gallery after the jump…

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Come to our Open Studio on Nov 20 at Moberly!

(The open studio will also be accessible on the avatar chat network Blue Mars Lite in the room called Something Collective. Download and prepare yourself ahead of time! Thanks to Jeremy Turner for turning me on to it…)

You’re invited to Something Collective’s Nov. 20th Open Studio, from 4-7 pm, at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

Something Collective Open Studio
Nov. 20th, 4-7 pm
Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert St.

As friends, neighbors and colleagues of Something Collective, we are inviting you to the celebration of our new Incubator Residency at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.  Our like-minded group of activists and artists includes Maggie Winston (puppetry, theatre), Juliana Bedoya (sculpture, performance installation), Laura Barron (flutist, yogi, writer), Flick Harrison (media arts), and Natalie Gan (dance).  We are excited to serve the Sunset community over these next three years, by bringing our versatile expertise to a vibrant array of community-engaged art projects.  In order to maintain an active presence in the community, we are hosting three annual open studios, at our new collective space, on 7646 Prince Albert St. (one east of Fraser, at 59th).  The first of these takes place on Sunday, November 20th, from 4-7 pm.  There will be refreshments for all, as each of us shares work from our individual art practices.  We also look forward to discussing some of our plans for future community art projects, and we invite you to share ideas about this community’s passions and interests so that we can better meet the needs of the Sunset neighborhood.

We hope to see you there!
Maggie, Juliana, Laura, Flick, & Natalie

The Incubator: Something Collective

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

and the

Sunset Community Centre Association

are pleased to announce the selection of artists for

The Incubator – a three year studio residency

at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre.

“Something Collective”

is a group of five exciting artists who will activate the studio space in ways that will ripple into the Sunset neighbourhood.

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