Moss Graffiti Project at Sunset Community Centre

Today, after three days of installation, we finally finished our moss graffiti project on the walls of the Sunset Community Centre. This is one of the 5 components that are part of the We Are Here mapping project, and a result from the community engagement with the South Hill Education Centre and the Chaos Boys Club.

Today I also had the chance to share our experience with 47 kids ages 5 to 12 from the Day Camp that was held during the summer at Sunset.

It was an amazing experience to facilitate this process, work with these culturally diverse groups of people and participate in making their projects come to life.

Please come and visit Sunset Community Centre to see this moss graffiti project and spray the green living art work on the walls to keep it alive!

Juliana Bedoya



We Are Here – Moss Graffiti Project with the Chaos Boys Club at the Sunset Community Centre

We are having a great time with the youth from the Chaos Boys Club that regularly meets at Sunset Community Centre. For the last two weeks we have been working on the development of the proposal for the moss graffiti project that is going to be installed on the north facing wall of the Sunset Community Centre.

After having a participatory process where the kids identified or “mapped” how their community has shaped them and how they are shaping it, including different cultural, social and environmental issues present in their neighbourhood, they split into small groups to start visually developing different proposals for their mural project.

We also had a photo shoot portrait session where they did their best pose trying to represent their different proposals.

Stay tuned for more updates!


We Are Here – Moss Graffiti Project with the South Hill Education Centre (Art Class Students)

There has been a debate in the media about the abrupt termination of the moss graffiti project I started on July 23rd with the art class group at the South Hill Education Centre, as one of the components of our We Are Here Community Mapping Project:

After having two inspiring sessions with the students, where the participants had the chance to identify or “map” different issues of their individual and collective concern present in their community/neighbourhood, along with a great photo-shoot session, the group agreed on presenting 5 different proposals that were intended to be installed in one of the walls of the Sunset Community Centre using the moss graffiti technique.

After presenting them during the second session, they concluded with one great proposal that included one of the portraits taken during the first session and a tag line or message reflecting on the common environmental issues addressed somehow in all the small group proposals pitched before: “How green are you?”

Even though the project was stopped before its completion, I would like to continue working with this amazing group of students that generated a very interesting moss graffiti mural proposal, and extend an open invitation to each one of the participants to complete this project outside their art class schedule and outside the South Hill art class curriculum.

I really value, respect the community art process the students already started and think their participation is very important until the full completion of the project they were invited to actively take part on.

Juliana Bedoya




Patterning the Community at Sunset Community Centre

On the morning of June 9th the rear windows of Sunset Community Centre’s foyer were transformed into an enormous glass canvas in celebration of the rich diversity and multiculturalism in the Sunset Neighbourhood. Patterning the Community was an interactive and collaborative window mural project with artist Juliana Bedoya that was based on patterns, images and markings that paid homage to our diverse ethnic backgrounds.
Using black ink, around 30 community members young and old contributed to this temporary decorative art installation. The window mural activity engaged community members to the point that some of them were very inspired and worked for a long period of time on their cultural patterns. These included Punjabi writing, the French fleur de lis, clouds, rain, Indian and Chinese symbols, Japanese flowers, Latin and African inspired geometric shapes, a Taiwanese boat, a Jewish star of David, the city of Vancouver, batman and other multicultural traces were left on the window panels.

People also had the chance to participate in the four activities facilitated by artist Laura Barron happening on the tables at the lobby that directed them to create each challenge with a different medium on a specific surface (ie. chalk on black construction paper; colored pencil on notecards) created an attractive and consistent aesthetic.






Doll Making with the MACC Girls Club

It has been a delight to observe the identity project Juliana has led the MACC Girls Club on over the past 5 weeks. Having started with blind contour drawings to a 3-d representation brought a depth to their investigation. The girls had a variety of materials to explore with traditional form of making, in order to represent their self. They are now completing Artist Statements that reveal further – who they are- watch for these on display, at Sunset Community Centre- 6810 Main Street.
This after school youth program is for girls, girls, girls! This year we are happy to announce that the continued partnership with South Asian Family Association (SAFA) will provide funding to enhance this program with weekly guest visiting artists!
MACC Girls Club will work with Something Collective our resident artists who bring media arts, doll-making, puppetry, digital storytelling and the magic of words to this after school program. In addition, participants will explore recycled book making, drawing, drum beats, hip hop and more!

SAFA is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit association with a mission to promote and enhance family values while embracing Canadian Culture and maintaining South Asian Culture and identity. SAFA aims to create opportunities for cross-cultural understanding.

Something Collective will be at The Future of Community Arts

A celebration of the Future of Community Arts in Vancouver!

Time: November 26, 2011 from 12pm to 9pm
Location: Woodwards Atrium
Street: 111 West Hastings (at Abbott)
City/Town: Vancouver

As the “future” portion of our “Past, Present and Future” event series, we plan to pay our respects to the youth and kids who will one day carry on the legacy of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

Over a dozen organizations will be participating (including Something Collective), providing activities, displays, demonstrations and information throughout the day.

Here are some of the organizations who are participating:

For more information please visit the official Community Arts Council of Vancouver events page at A preliminary schedule is also listed on their webpage

The event is FREE but you can also RSVP via THIS LINK –

Hope to see you there!

Canada Day at Sunset Community Centre, Vancouver BC – July 1st, 2011

Sunset held it’s annual Canda Day Event on July 1, bringing thousands of community members together to celebrate in the Sun!

Something Collective, the resident artists at Moberly Arts & Cultual Centre were out in full force providing community members the opportunity to contribute to the making of the flag. Come view the completed flag at the Sunset Community Centre along with a formal introdution to who Something Collective is!