Finale for the Incubator! A Happy Ending at the People’s Potluck Picnic Performance

Something Collective celebrates, thanks, and says goodbye to MACC and the Incubator Studio at the finale event! The People’s Potluck Picnic Performance at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre on Friday June 28th.
We had about 30 participants in the event who all brought beautiful dishes, some from neighbourhood restaurants and some from their own backyard gardens. 4 out of 5 of the Something Collective members were present for the event. Laura Barron and Maggie Winston were the lead artists organizing, and created some happenings and activities for potluck participants to engage in.
Those activities included a story web which engages people to share stories on the same theme. We chose to share stories about memories of Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, the neighbourhood, or the place you call home. One person holds one end of a ball of yarn and as each person shares a story the ball of yarn is passed on so that a web is created within the circle, symbolizing our interconnectedness. This lead to many more conversations. We then experimented with a bottle flute orchestra, led by Laura Barron. She prepared glass bottles filled to water at a certain pitch. Then participants took a numbered bottle and together we sight read music numbers to the tune of “Summertime”. This was a truly great activity, with no pressure to be perfect, and just good fun. We also created live interactive poetry by writing words that resonated wit our feelings at the moment or described the event, and people could mix and match poetry similar to the magnetic fridge poetry.
The whole event took place on mats and pillows that were decorated with found fabric, decorated umbrellas, and a rag fabric circle to invite everyone to be together in the same shared space. While the food, atmosphere, and activities were fun and engaging, I believe that is was the energy of the people who came to the potluck, the conversations shared, and the mutual feelings perceived that made the event as meaningful as it was. Those who were present were people who had either attended a Something Collective event at MACC in the past, were other artists associated with the neighbourhood, were community artists working in Vancouver, or were friends and family of those we invited. It was a pleasant time had by all. There were little leftovers, which is a sign of people well fed.
All of Something Collective truly thanks all the administrators who made The Incubator Residency at MACC possible for us. Thank you Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, City of Vancouver, and the Neighborhood Small Grants program.
This was the perfect way to say goodbye and thank you for all the rich experiences we gained through this residency. I’m sure all of us wil continue to contribute to the neighbourhoods of southeast Vancouver in the future.
We are truly grateful for the support that allows community members to come together, share, and reflect on what community means for them. 

Below are photos from the event:
IMG00991-20130624-2148 IMG00995-20130624-2149 IMG00996-20130624-2149 IMG00997-20130628-1716 IMG01000-20130628-2031 IMG01001-20130628-2031

The People’s Potluck Picnic Performance

  • A-picnic-xx-Henry-Nelson-O'Neil
    “The People’s Picnic Potluck Performance” is the last project for Something Collective at the Incubator Residency (MACC).Event Date: Friday, June 28th 6pm
    Preparation Workshops: June 24th-27th 6-8pm
    Where: Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
    7646 Prince Albert St @ 60th Avenue. In the Incubator Studio.If you are interested in creating this community art inspired food event please contact Maggie Winston at

    For more details check out

    What is The People’s Potluck Picnic Performance?

    Imagine a potluck unlike any other… As creative members of this community we invite you to participate in making a food and art sharing event where the dinner is the performance! You can join a team that will be responsible for creating the atmosphere of the event. Teams will prepare for the event during the Preparation Workshops which will occur during the week prior to the event.

    Teams: Art Deco Team- with Artist Maggie Winston Music Making Team- with Musician Laura Barron Serving Team- with Choreographer Natalie Gan Storytelling Team- with Maggie Winston

    You can invite family, friends, neighbours to attend the free potluck and experience the feast that was artfully created during the week of preparation.

    Together we will enjoy a shared experience celebrating each other and our community!

    An initiative of Something Collective, Artists-in-Residence at MACC/Sunset CC and sponsored by the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program (Vancouver Foundation)

Vancouver, British Columbia V5X 3Z4
  • To all attending guests! The preparation workshop schedule is as follows:
    Mon. June 24 7-9pm- Art Deco Workshop Maggie Winston
    Tues. June 25 6-8pm- Music Making Workshop with Laura Barron
    Wed. June 26- 6-8pm- Serving Choreography Workshop withNatalie TY Gan
    Thurs. June 27- 6-8pm- Storytelling Workshop with Maggie Winston

    Friday June 28 6-8pm Picnic Event! Invite friends!

    Note: This is a potluck, so you are expected to bring a dish. Please indicate on a small note the ingredients in your dish. And if you purchase food please keep your receipts and I can reimburse you the expense. Also bring your own plate, cutlery, and cup so we may reduce our waste as much as possible.

    Please send me a message indicated which workshop you can attend!



picnic poster

We Are Here- A Community Mapping Project- FINAL CELEBRATION


Something Collective, the Artists-in-Residence team at SCC, has worked and played over the last few months engaging community members in a variety of arts activities that map the sounds, people, growth, play spaces, and movements of the Sunset
We Are Here has allowed community members to explore their neighborhood through dance, sound, video, green graffiti, puppets and photography.
Now, together, with your friends and neighbours, we’ll get to walk through a giant interactive map as we celebrate all the finished components of the project. Come and experience an interactive, living picture of the Sunset neighbourhood.
This project is supported in partnership by

Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
Sunset Community Centre
Vancouver Parks & Rec
City of Vancouver


Sunset Out-of-School Care Spring Break Puppetry Workshop

Maggie spent 3 days working with children ages 6-11 creating original glove style puppets with papier mache heads and fabric bodies. The kids had a lot of fun exploring the materials and coming up with their own character ideas. In the end, everyone was able to experiment with their original puppets performing their own puppet shows for each other.

IMG00948-20130321-1411 IMG00958-20130322-1510 IMG00949-20130321-1446 IMG00951-20130322-1427

We Are Here- MACC Seniors make autobiographical puppets

We’ve had a fun time together over the last couple of weeks, sewing together and catching up on my Punjabi vocabulary.

Together the Punjabi seniors are creating glove style puppets using photographed images of themselves. Next week we will be filming their live puppet shows which will tell the story of how they like to ‘Play’ in the Sunset and South Hill neighborhoods. These talented women are very active and participate well in many aspects of the community. I can’t wait to see how our video will turn out.

Enjoy these photos…

IMG00941-20130320-1359 IMG00940-20130320-1358






Recreating the Sky Train experience- biennalle project

Our new crumpled paper masksLeading With Our Noses?

Posted on March 8, 2013 by admin

On Friday, March 8 we had another fantastic session with Ms. Winston at the MACC. We first made new crumpled paper masks and then built on our growing drama knowledge and experience.

We first reviewed being in neutral – we are getting better at it! Then, Ms. Winston showed us how to become different characters by walking and leading with different parts of our bodies. We first led with our noses which made us feel like detectives. We became Santa Claus by leading with our bellies. Walking and leading with our toes made us into ballerinas and finally, leading with our chests filled us with confidence and pride. It was exciting to see the students transforming into all of these characters.

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Telus TV films Biennale Project

DSCN1275First session at the MACC and TelusTV

Posted on March 4, 2013 by admin

On Monday, March 4th our class had our first session at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre or as we call it, MACC. After our gym class, we walked down to the MACC and met Ms. Winston AND two representatives from TelusTV. How exciting! As Ms. Winston led us through an introduction to puppetry, TelusTV rolled film.

After reviewing standing and walking in neutral and engaging the class in a get-to-know you activity, Ms. Winston talked about the “bunraku” (Japanese) style of puppetry that we will be taking inspiration from. She showed us how to give “life” and “breath” to an inanimate object. Ms. Winston used a crumpled up sheet of brown paper to demonstrate how important a puppeteer’s role is in moving any puppet through a space.

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Walking Figures- field trip

DSCN1218Walking Figures Field Trip – March 1

Posted on March 1, 2013 by admin

On a rainy Friday morning, our class along with Ms. Winston and her colleague, Mr. Caleb used public transit to take a trip to the “Walking Figures” sculpture at the Broadway/City Hall SkyTrain station. We walked from the school to catch the #100 bus to the Marine Drive SkyTrain station. Along the way, the class wore their faceless paper masks to become anonymous silent performers for unsuspecting transit passengers. We got many quizzical looks and a few questions, but the class did a wonderful job staying in character for most of the time.

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Moberly & Biennalle- neutral walking and view points with maggie

Making our crumpled paper masksStanding and Walking in Neutral

On Thursday, February 28th, 2013 our class enjoyed our first official session with Ms. Winston. Since the “Walking Figures” sculptures we are taking inspiration from have no heads or are “anonymous,” we started off by making faceless masks out of brown paper. We tore a shape, crumpled it, cut out the eye holes, attached string and ended up with a simple mask. We then wore our masks down the school hallways to the small gym. We got some confused looks from passers by and could hear questions like, “Why are they wearing those masks?” The feeling of being unknown was very different for us, but it gave us a sense of comfort because people did not know who we were!

Once we made it to the small gym Ms. Winston led us through a series of exercises to help us discover what it means to be “neutral.” She taught us how to stand in neutral – feet about shoulder width apart, hands at our sides, body relaxed, no emotion on our faces and breathing normally. Then Ms. Winston taught us how to walk in neutral at different speeds. Finally, she taught us how to be aware of the space around us by having us explore the gym in a grid-like pattern. We were only allowed to walk in straight lines. It was an incredibly fun morning of exploration!

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