South Vancouver Youth Centre students record their neighborhood



Since last fall, I have had a great time with teens from the South Vancouver Youth Centre, recording sounds in every corner of the Sunset neighborhood.  Throughout this soundscape project, in order to gather musical data for our digital map, community members have documented interesting sounds that they “happened” to encounter on our soundscape walking tours.  Or they identified sounds they wanted me to “scout out”.  But the SVYC group took the most creative approach to our project by actually “playing” their environment like an instrument. They tickled the tummy of an Elmo toy in the Marine Drive Superstore, to get him to sneeze.  They crinkled sari wrappers in Mona’s Cloth House on Main.  They slurped at the fountain, and flushed toilets at the Sunset Community Centre.   And they captured the varied sounds of the seasons well to.  In winter, they stomped on snow left by the zamboni at the Sunset Ice Rink. And in autumn, they jumped in piles of leaves on Fraser.  All this fun was done to demonstrate the sonic potential of their neighborhood.  So, I applaud these environmental musicians for their imagination, and I look forward to including their “compositions” in our map.   Here are some recorded examples of their work.

elmo  monaclothhouse  sccfountain   scctoiletflush  stompingonicerinksnow  walkinginleavesonmain