Soundscape Lobby Map is now up at Sunset Community Centre

Since last summer, as part of Something Collective’s year-long, We Are Here multi-media mapping project, I have been engaging with Renfrew community members to lead soundscape walking tours of their surrounding environment.   Asked, “Where are the Sounds that Make the Music of Your Neighborhood?”, the South Asian Senior Women and the South Vancouver Youth Centre students have collected a host of examples that truly reflect the aural landscape of their community.    


Now, the general public, in Sunset, can contribute to our community mapping project by charting identified sounds and their locations on our interactive lobby map.  This four-foot blow-up map, representing the area from 41st -70th, between Ontario and Knight, is installed on the south wall of the Sunset Community Centre.  So, please, just grab a bell-shaped sticky note and a sharpy pen, write your chosen sound on this paper, and place it on the appropriate geographical spot on the map.    In one month’s time, I will collect all of this data, and lead a new community group of “sound scouts” to digitally record this neighborhood “music” that you have all identified.