Big Ideas’ Water is Life Rehearsals Begin

Since spring break, William Bridge students have really ramped up their efforts towards preparing their Water is Life performance.    This powerful title emerged from their own critical thinking about consistent themes from our project.  I was also thrilled, upon returning from break, to see that many students used the time off to construct their own handmade water instruments (see below).


rainstick, bottle flutes/xylophones, water cooler drums, decorated ice rattle

They are now excited to perform on these instruments in their original work, which is based around the text that they conceived during their “water as a critical resource” word games.  These brainstorms resulted in hundreds of water-related words which they grouped into several categories: Health, Sustenance, Transportation, Recreation (see sticky pad image below).  Subsequently, they listed the words by syllables, alliterative properties, and rhyming word endings to eventually create the verses for their song.  (My favorite line is “Sewerage, Sailboats, Squirt Guns, Showers”, and the students have had a gas with this tongue twister!)


This entire process began with an icebreaker that challenged the students multiple literacies: verbal, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (see Simon Says game image below).   And it is now clear that this energetic group of different types of learners, have succeeded in creating an interdisciplinary collaboration that uses all of their gifts.