Ode to Water

In light of our current Water is Life project, is was such fun for me to discover, just this morning, an old poem I had written, in 2007, about how much I value water in my own life.  At that time, I had just moved after five years in sunny but “Arid”zona, and was enjoying a year of travelling, mostly to coastal hot spots.  Most William Bridge students, having lived all of their life in lush BC, may not fully appreciate how scarce water can be in some environments.  But through our project, they are learning to appreciate the abundance of this critical resource.

IMG_1583  Me and anything green clinging for dear life to any water that we can find in arid, Arizona.

Here’s my Ode to Water, a la Dr. Suess

Water, how I love thee.
Let me count the ways.

I love you when I’m thirsty.
I love you when I’m dry.

I love the roar of ocean waves.
And you gently babbling by.

I love you when I’m filthy or
when I’m so hot it aches.

Sometimes I love to sing in showers.
And swim in deep, dark lakes.

I love to boat, surf, dive, it’s true.
And most of all to float on you.

I love to drink you with my tea.
And cook you with my linguine.

I love you when you turn to snow.
And when you help my car to go.

There is no end to this long list,
Just know that you’ve been sorely missed.