The People’s Potluck Picnic Performance

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    “The People’s Picnic Potluck Performance” is the last project for Something Collective at the Incubator Residency (MACC).Event Date: Friday, June 28th 6pm
    Preparation Workshops: June 24th-27th 6-8pm
    Where: Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
    7646 Prince Albert St @ 60th Avenue. In the Incubator Studio.If you are interested in creating this community art inspired food event please contact Maggie Winston at

    For more details check out

    What is The People’s Potluck Picnic Performance?

    Imagine a potluck unlike any other… As creative members of this community we invite you to participate in making a food and art sharing event where the dinner is the performance! You can join a team that will be responsible for creating the atmosphere of the event. Teams will prepare for the event during the Preparation Workshops which will occur during the week prior to the event.

    Teams: Art Deco Team- with Artist Maggie Winston Music Making Team- with Musician Laura Barron Serving Team- with Choreographer Natalie Gan Storytelling Team- with Maggie Winston

    You can invite family, friends, neighbours to attend the free potluck and experience the feast that was artfully created during the week of preparation.

    Together we will enjoy a shared experience celebrating each other and our community!

    An initiative of Something Collective, Artists-in-Residence at MACC/Sunset CC and sponsored by the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program (Vancouver Foundation)

Vancouver, British Columbia V5X 3Z4
  • To all attending guests! The preparation workshop schedule is as follows:
    Mon. June 24 7-9pm- Art Deco Workshop Maggie Winston
    Tues. June 25 6-8pm- Music Making Workshop with Laura Barron
    Wed. June 26- 6-8pm- Serving Choreography Workshop withNatalie TY Gan
    Thurs. June 27- 6-8pm- Storytelling Workshop with Maggie Winston

    Friday June 28 6-8pm Picnic Event! Invite friends!

    Note: This is a potluck, so you are expected to bring a dish. Please indicate on a small note the ingredients in your dish. And if you purchase food please keep your receipts and I can reimburse you the expense. Also bring your own plate, cutlery, and cup so we may reduce our waste as much as possible.

    Please send me a message indicated which workshop you can attend!



picnic poster

Video from the Vancouver Biennale!

Finally completed the amazing video installation with Windermere, Nootka and the Vancouver Biennale’s Big Ideas project. This video explains how we mixed old media (Polaroids, Betamax, 35mm film, typewriters) with high schoolers from Windermere, elementary students from Nootka, and made a video installation at Kits Beach around the Echoes sculpture by Michel Goulet.

Thanks to Katherine Tong and Terry Howe at the Biennale, Laura Treloar and Damian William at Windermere, Hank Ferris at Nootka, Carmen Rosen and the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Centre for all the support!

Nootka/Windermere from Vancouver Biennale on Vimeo.

Big Ideas in Transitions

Vancouver Biennale exhibit on Kits Beach

IMG_2293TUESDAY, MAY 28 from NOON to 4pm

Flick has been facilitating a video installation art project with Nootka Elementary and Windermere High School, which will culminate in an exhibition on Tuesday, May 28th at the Echoes installation on Kits Beach: here’s a map.   Flick will be back at it with his fixation on old TV’s!

Come see the portraits which Windermere students shot at Renfrew-Collingwood Senior’s Centre with the help of community artist Carmen Rosen.

This project is a part of the Vancouver Biennale Big Ideas Art in Action Education Program.

These pictures show the process leading up to our installation!

Water is Life Makes a Big Splash



Anyone can see from the beaming faces of Ms. Tuason, Ms. Potter and me, that the students’ performance of Water is Life, last Thursday, was a huge success.

During their morning shows, at William Bridge Elementary and at the Jun Ren, Water #10 sitethe students whistled, sang, drummed, danced, recited poetry, tooted flutes, and blew bubbles with delight and command of their new skills.  I was certainly proud of them, but not more than they were of themselves.  And I feel that it is this self-esteem and satisfaction from being part of a collective creative team that is the most valuable bi-product of these arts engagements.



South Vancouver Youth Centre students record their neighborhood



Since last fall, I have had a great time with teens from the South Vancouver Youth Centre, recording sounds in every corner of the Sunset neighborhood.  Throughout this soundscape project, in order to gather musical data for our digital map, community members have documented interesting sounds that they “happened” to encounter on our soundscape walking tours.  Or they identified sounds they wanted me to “scout out”.  But the SVYC group took the most creative approach to our project by actually “playing” their environment like an instrument. They tickled the tummy of an Elmo toy in the Marine Drive Superstore, to get him to sneeze.  They crinkled sari wrappers in Mona’s Cloth House on Main.  They slurped at the fountain, and flushed toilets at the Sunset Community Centre.   And they captured the varied sounds of the seasons well to.  In winter, they stomped on snow left by the zamboni at the Sunset Ice Rink. And in autumn, they jumped in piles of leaves on Fraser.  All this fun was done to demonstrate the sonic potential of their neighborhood.  So, I applaud these environmental musicians for their imagination, and I look forward to including their “compositions” in our map.   Here are some recorded examples of their work.

elmo  monaclothhouse  sccfountain   scctoiletflush  stompingonicerinksnow  walkinginleavesonmain

One More Rehearsal ’til the Water is Life Show!

port a;berni,Joey, class art bienneale 262    DSC05624port a;berni,Joey, class art bienneale 260


Last week, the Grade 3 & 7 students, at William Bridge, finally got to meet one another, and bring together all of the elements for their Water is Life production.  Bottle flutists, water drummers, rainstick players, dancing rappers, and bottle xylophone players all collaborated to make a wet and wonderful sound.  These hard working students will surely be ready for their May 16th performance!

DSC05653 DSC05643

We Are Here- A Community Mapping Project- FINAL CELEBRATION


Something Collective, the Artists-in-Residence team at SCC, has worked and played over the last few months engaging community members in a variety of arts activities that map the sounds, people, growth, play spaces, and movements of the Sunset
We Are Here has allowed community members to explore their neighborhood through dance, sound, video, green graffiti, puppets and photography.
Now, together, with your friends and neighbours, we’ll get to walk through a giant interactive map as we celebrate all the finished components of the project. Come and experience an interactive, living picture of the Sunset neighbourhood.
This project is supported in partnership by

Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
Sunset Community Centre
Vancouver Parks & Rec
City of Vancouver


Water Musicians Wear Many Hats

The William Bridge students have astounded me with their multi-talents.   For our Water is Life project, they have had to:



WRITE POETRY (Here I am reading their work aloud to the class)


PLAY INSTRUMENTS (This is them playing the thunder sheets)


EVEN DRAW (inspired by Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)


But my favorite skill they have learned is to LISTEN

DSC05587DSC05579  DSC05582

Each session has begun with a short deep listening exercise (or a masked way of saying “meditation”), to center the students, attune them to the sounds in their surrounding environment, and ready them to be good musical collaborators.  And boy, has it worked!